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Teeth Whitening Waterford Michigan

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one the easiest and most effective ways to enhance your appearance.  Whether you want to add an extra sparkle to your smile for that special occasion or simply perfect your look, whitening is now simple, affordable and safe.  We offer different methods for whitening; depending on your needs and wants.  The degree of whitening varies from patient to patient based on the type of stain, enamel thickness, tooth structure and age. 


The simplest  and most affordable method is the take home trays.  These are clear trays that you fill with a carbamide peroxide gel.  You will wear these trays for approximately half an hour a day until you are happy with the shade of your teeth.  You cannot eat, drink or smoke while the trays are in your mouth.  The take home trays are beneficial for a compliant patient who is trying to gradually change the appearance of their teeth.  This method has some raving reviews!


Another method we offer is the Zoom in-office whitening technique.  This procedure is designed to lighten the color of the teeth using a combination of a hydrogen peroxide gel and a specially designed ultraviolet lamp.  One week prior to your appointment, your dentist will prescribe a desensitizing toothpaste for you t use.  The actual tooth whitening procedure takes two hours, but the results are instant!   Once the procedure is complete, it is necessary for the patient to be mindful of their diet.  We advise that the patient does not drink red wine, eat blueberries, or other foods and drinks that may stain the teeth.   This method is ideal for a patient looking for instant gratification for a special occasion, or a patient who simply does not have time to use the trays everyday.

Our newest technique for teeth whitening is using a laser!  Laser teeth whitening is a professional treatment where a whitening gel is applied to your teeth and the laser through a specialized hand piece and delivery system activates the whitening gel.  A cleaning is recommended a week before the laser whitening procedure to ensure plaque and stain is removed before the whitening gel is used.

During the appointment, your dental professional will apply a dam around your teeth to protect your gums.  Once the dam is placed, the combination of the whitening gel and the laser will lighten the teeth.  After just one office visit, you will see the incredible results!  We are happy to provide this latest service for our patients.




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